Thursday, May 1, 2014


Mutton                500 GMS
Eggs                    4
Onion                  1
Oil                       2 tsp

Bay leaf                1
Chilly powder        1 tsp
Salt                        as required

Onion                         1 medium
Ginger                         1"
Garlic cloves                5-6        
Cloves                         3
Cardamom                  1
Cinnamon                    1/2 " stick
Cashew nuts                 7
Poppy seeds                 1 tsp

1) In a grinder add the items under paste and grind by adding water little by little.
2)In a pressure cooker add the oil and when hot add bay leaf .Now add the onion and when it turns transparent add the ginger garlic paste fry until the raw smell goes away.
3)Now add the paste and fry well so that the raw smell goes away.
4)Now add the mutton pieces, chilly powder and mix well with the paste.
5)Let that get cooked until the oil separated from the paste.
6)Now add some water and close the lid of the cooker and wait for 4-5 whistles ( Check for the mutton if it is tough let the whistles be more if the mutton is a tender one then 2-3 whistles are enough)
7)In the mean time boil the eggs and when boiled slight the eggs vertically.Now add some salt and chilly powder and fry the eggs.
8)Once we open the lid of the cooker then add these eggs to the mutton curry and turn on the stove.
Let the eggs get cooked along with the mutton curry.(if there is not water in the cooked curry add a little bit of water.)