Sunday, May 11, 2014


Sooji/Semolina                             1 cup
Sugar                                           1-11/2 cup
Butter/Ghee                                  1/2 cup
Water/milk                                    21/2 cups
Dry fruits                                       as needed(cashew nuts,raisins)
Salt                                               a pinch
Food color(optional)

1)Melt the butter/ghee .

 Add the dry fruits.

 Fry in low flame until the raisins increase in size and cashew nuts turn golden brown.
2)Now add the sooji/semolina and saute until it turns into golden color(nice aroma should come from the sooji) in low flame.Make sure to stir in between or else it will burn.
3)Add the sugar and mix well .Adding sugar with sooji prevents it from turning into lumps when we add the water/milk.
4)Now add the water/milk and increase the flame from low to medium.
Mix the food color with little water and then add it to the boiling water.(I was making prasad for god so i dint add color)
5)Add salt now and mix well.
Mix well and then cover with lid and let it cook for 5-6 minutes.

Let it cook until the sooji is cooked.`
Serve hot.