Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Maida                       1 cup
Salt                           as needed
Ghee                         1 tsp
Water                       as needed

Sooji                         1/4 cup
Sugar                        1/4 cup
Ghee                         2 tsp
Cashewnuts               few
Shredded coconut      1 cup(fresh or dry)
Cardamom powder     1/4 tsp

1)Take maida/all purpose flour in a bowl. Add melted ghee, salt and water to it.
Need it into a smooth dough. Making sure the dough is pliable and not too soft.

2) Now heat ghee in a pan. Add the cashew nut pieces and fry it golden brown then add the semolina/sooji .
Fry till nice aroma comes out of it.

3)Now add the shredded coconut and saute for 1 minute.Now finally add the sugar and cardamom powder and turn off the stove.(The stove should be turned off immediately because the sugar will melt . We want to sugar to be crunchy)

Let it cool down.
4)Now make the balls out of dough.(i made 10 balls out of the dough)
Roll them into small circles with the rolling pin.

5)Now place the cooled stuffing we made in the center.
Fold it making sure the stuffing doesn't come out. Now use a fork and press the edges. Making sure they are firm (otherwise it gets opened while deep frying.)

6) Heat oil in a thick bottom pan. The oil should not be piping hot . Heat oil in medium hot.
Now slowly drop 3-4 kajjikayalu/karonji into oil. Fry them on one side then carefully turn to the other side..
Take them onto a plate with kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil.

Store them in an airtight container.