Monday, November 24, 2014


As a kid i always ate roast gram dal/vepina pappu as finger food. Specially at the time of summer vacations i used to eat this a lot  . I happen to taste this ladoo once at my aunt's house. Oh, it was divine. I had a lot of roasted gram dal so wanted to try this ladoo. Me and my kid are not a big fan of sweets but my hubby loves to eat them. Another reason for making them is they are quick to make.

Raost gram dal/vepina pappu                1 cup
Ghee                                                      1/4 cup
Cardamom cloves                                  3
Sugar                                                      1/2 cup
Cashew nuts                                           5-6
Raisins                                                    few(optional)
Water                                                      2 tbsp(as needed)

1) Clean the roast gram well and then grind it into fine powder . 
Take it into a bowl. Mix the roast gram powder well to avoid the lumps. Make sure it is smooth. 

2)Take sugar, cardamom cloves and grind into fine powder.

Now add it to powdered roasted gram.

3) Melt ghee in a pan and then add the cashew nuts, raisins to it. 
Fry until they change into golden color and raisins increase in size.

4)Add the melted ghee , roasted dry fruits, powdered sugar to the roasted gram powder.
Mix well together so that the sugar and roasted gram powder mix well.

5)Now add water little by little and make them into laddus.
We can make the laddu simply by adding ghee also replacing water.