Friday, December 12, 2014


Gulab jamun  is the most common sweet made in Indian household. I remember eating it all the time.
The sugary syrup heals stomach upsets that is one of the lame excuse to eat this lovely sweet. The Jamuns melts down in mouth giving a divine feeling. 

                                  Most of the time i made it with the ready made gulab jamun mix.  I always wanted to make Jamun from scratch. And there it comes with the ricotta cheese . Tastes perfectly like the store brought jamun mix. Do try it .

Ricotta cheese                            1 cup(15 oz)
All purpose flour/Maida             3 tbsp
Baking soda                                1/8 tsp( a pinch)

Sugar                                           2 cups
Lemon juice                                1 tsp
Water                                           2 cups
Rose water                                   1 tsp
Cardamom powder                      1 tsp

Make fine powder of cardamom .

1)Take sugar and water in a thick bottom vessel.
Let it boil make sure to keep the flame low -medium.
Boil until the syrup comes to 1 string consistency.
Take the syrup in between your thumb and index finger .It should be sticky and form 1 string .

2) Turn off the heat and add lemon juice, cardamom powder , rose water.

1)Take the ricotta cheese in a bowl using a spoon flatten and mix the cheese.
Now place in microwave safe dish and microwave it  for 8 minutes or until cheese becomes a bit crumbly.
While cooking in microwave make sure to take it in between regular intervals and stir in between.
Doing so reduces the water from the cheese does it is easy to make jamuns.

Place it in a bowl and place on stove and cook till the cheese becomes crumbly. Take a spoon and stir in between to prevent them from sticking to the bowl.

2)Take it in a bowl. Let it cool down.
3)Once it gets cooled down add the all purpose flour/maida and baking soda to it.
Mix well.
4) Apply some ghee or oil to hands and shape them into balls . While making them make sure there are no cracks in them. The balls have to be smooth.
If they have cracks then the jamun crack and become mushy while frying.

5) Place oil in pan for deep frying. Heat the oil in medium flame. Now drop a small dough piece in it.  The dough piece should go down to the bottom stay there for 10 seconds and then raise to the surface.

6) Now place the balls in the oil making sure not to burn your fingers.
The balls should go to the bottom and then they will rise to the top of the oil surface.

Turn the balls making sure it gets good color . Then take them on to kitchen towel to strain the oil.

7) Now add these balls/jamuns to the sugar syrup. Let them soak it for some time so that these jamuns absorb sugar syrup.

Enjoy the delicious juicy gulab jamuns.