Monday, May 16, 2016


                                  Peanut coconut chutney is best with idly or dosa. I usually make either peanut or coconut chutney. But never combined them. Once my elder sis-in-law made this chutney . It tasted delicious specially with idly. She is a wonderful cook by the way. I learnt few recipes and kitchen hacks from her.  I always use to make sure to remove skin from each and every roasted peanut. But once i saw that she grinded the chutney with skinned peanuts and there is not much difference at all. I started doing the same it saves me 5-10 precious minutes during early morning race.
                                 It tastes exactly like the chutnies we get from roadside stalls. We can make our own additions and subtractions  to this. Adding ginger also gives nice tinge to it. You can omit roasted gram also.  I like chutnies to be in thick consistency for idly so i added little water.Suit to your taste and make modifications.

Shredded coconut                            1/4 cup
Peanuts                                            1/4 cup
Green chilies                                    3-4
Vepinachanaga pappu/                    2 tbsp
Roasted gram
Garlic pods                                     2
Salt                                                  as needed
Water                                               as needed

Mustard seeds                                   1 tsp
Urad dal                                            1 tsp
Red chilly                                          1(small)
Curry leaves                                      3-4 leaves

1) Dry roast the peanuts until the skin color changes to light brown. Turn off flame and cool down.
Remove the skin(i sometimes grind it along with skin)

2) Now slit the green chilies and saute them along with garlic pods. (1 min)
3) Grind roasted peanuts, green chilies, garlic pods, roasted gram, shredded coconut with little salt and water into smooth paste. Take it into a container.

4) Heat oil in a pan. Then add the mustard seeds once they splutter then add the urad dal, red chilly and curry leaves. Saute until red chilly and curry leaves change color.

Let the tempering cool  down.
Then add it to the chutney.