Wednesday, July 20, 2016



                      Lemonades and summer go hand in hand.Little bit of twist to them with fruits like watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, ginger,cucumber and the list goes on. Believe me all the lemonades tastes awesome. I had this awesome raspberry lemonade at Olive Garden .That's when i started to experiment with lemonades. I had this huge watermelon lying in my fridge. So i thought of making lemonade with it.It was very refreshing and tasty.
                  We can add a little bit of ginger to the lemonade. Substitute sugar with honey ( i prefer it traditional way) Pour lemonade in ice cube tray and then pop a Popsicle stick in it(my mommy's way)  Everything with lemonade is great. 

Watermelon pieces                     1 1/2 cup
Lemon juice                                1/2 no.
Sugar                                          2 tbsp
Water                                          1/4 cup

1) Chop and remove seeds from watermelon. Squeeze juice out of the lemon.
2) Place the watermelon pieces, lemon juice, sugar and water in a blender.

Blend them until done. Filter the juice through strainer to avoid lumps.
( I dint filter because i love to have it as it is)