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                                  She is a Veggie evangelist , don't get me wrong do check her blog COOK'S HIDEOUT. Yes, you are right we are talking about Pavani Nandula. She is talking and writing about food since a decade . As a food blogger, Pavani loves to push her boundaries. We get drawn into her world with huge variety of recipes ranging from salads, cakes, authentic Indian and take a round of the globe. Her cooking dairy is filled with more than a 1000 varieties of recipes , you din't read wrong it is 1000. I love her philosophy of trying new ingredients (really wonderful right why don't we try that)  

So join with me to know a little bit more about her "IN CONVERSATION WITH DIVYA"

Last week we chatted with PADHU SHANKAR from PADHU'S KITCHEN. If you have missed that interview or would like to read it again click  here

DIVYA: How did the 'HIDEOUT" begun?
PAVANI: 'Cook's Hideout' began more than a decade ago just as a hobby to document the different recipes I was trying at home.

DIVYA: What element in a recipe makes you try it?
PAVANI: The ease of making the dish, I don't like dirtying too many pots and pans and grind too many spices to make 1 dish.

DIVYA: What are the key factors that drive your food photography? And how often do you blog?
PAVANI: I blog 3-4 times a week and twice a year I blog an entire month with my lovely blog buddies in the blogging marathon group.
To me the final dish is the 'Hero' and the key factor that drives the photo. So I usually style my props around the main dish and sometimes don't even bother to put other things in the picture.

DIVYA: What is the one blogger super power you would like to have?
PAVANI: I wish I get a few more hours in a day to blog and blog-hop leisurely :-)

DIVYA: If  you are lost on an Island with only beans.What would you make?
PAVANI: I LOVE beans , so this is just perfect :-) I'll probably make a spicy vegetarian chili with the beans.

DIVYA: If you have a time machine to go back to your childhood. What food you would like to munch on?
PAVANI: I am not much of a snack person, but if I have to go back and munch on something, then it will have to be the ' VEG PUFFS' we used to get in a bakery near our school.

DIVYA: If you were to go on a date with your husband to any restaurant in the world where would that be?( I can babysit your kids :))
PAVANI: First of thank you so much for offering to babysit the kids :-) I would love to eat at a place that has a terrific view, may be in Switzerland :-)

DIVYA: Finally how is your website different from others?
PAVANI: I post recipes from different cuisines and that are easy to make at home. They are my passport to different countries without leaving home. I also try and make mostly healthy dishes.


DIVYA : 3 ingredients that go into your everyday cooking?
PAVANI: Canola oil, Salt & red chili powder :-)

DIVYA: Weirdest thing you ever ate?
PAVANI: Seaweed(now I love it as a snack)

DIVYA: One food you can eat every day?
PAVANI: Eggplant

DIVYA: If I were to try one recipe from your blog, What would you suggest?
PAVANI: Eggless Mango Cake

DIVYA: Your lazy day meal?
PAVANI: Khichdi

Thank you so much for your time and thoughts PAVANI

Do check her blog  for interesting recipes .
So see you guys next week with another food blogger...until then keep guessing.

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