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                                       Hi All !  Thursday is here and I am back with another blogger 's story. This week's guest is CHARULATHA from CHARUS CUISINE. CHARULATHA quit her job to motivate her son.  That's when she turned into a  blogger .  We get inspired by the breadth and depth of her blog .  She owns our heart with her wide range of vegetarian cuisines. Her recipes are healthy, mainstream and easy that are accessible to any level of cook.  Having strong critics at home always made her to improvise cooking. And lots lots more about her .....Lets read it in the interview below


Last week we chatted with Sowmya from Subbuskitchen. If you missed that interview or you want to read again catch up here

DIVYA:  What is your blog story?
CHARULATHA : I wanted to preserve the traditional recipes in written form for future generations. I also had a passion to try new interesting recipes which turned out to be tasty too. Thus was born my blog, thanks to my hubby and son, who encouraged me to start a blog. 

DIVYA: What kind of cuisines you cook the most?
CHARULATHA : Pure vegetarian cuisines.

DIVYA: How were you interested in cooking and food? Are there any people who inspire you?
CHARULATHA: My hubby and son appreciate my dishes which encouraged me a lot and being a foodie myself, got interested in cooking and food.

DIVYA: How did blogging change your life?
CHARULATHA:  I enjoy writing recipes for my blog. I got lot of appreciation and recognition from food lovers from different parts of the world. You feel satisfied at the end of the day that you have helped people, though in a small way. I look forward to keep myself busy feeding people with more recipes presented in a style that is not only easy to follow but also to prepare them. 

DIVYA: If you were to write a cookbook.What kind of recipes you would like to incorporate in them?
CHARULATHA: If I plan to write a cookbook, it will be 100 easy and quick recipes for beginners, newly wed girls and bachelors. 

DIVYA: If you plan to take a vacation on the arctic (considering the weather) . What are the four cooking ingredients you would like to take with you?
CHARULATHA: I think will have bread, butter, cheese and jam.  Can have it any time of the day... 

DIVYA: What kind of blogger super powers you like to have?
CHARULATHA: To add more and more recipes to my blog and reach out to all those who are in need of it. 

DIVYA: Finally why should people look at your blog?
CHARULATHA:  It is possibly one of those few sites which is exclusively vegetarian and provides a step by step pictorial assist for preparation which many of my blogger friends have found to be immensely useful. 


DIVYA : One weirdest thing you ate ever?

DIVYA: What is the most viewed recipe in your blog?
CHARULATHA : Instant bread dosa

DIVYA: What is your signature dish?
CHARULATHA :  Filter coffee

DIVYA:  What is your favorite food?
CHARULATHA: Mini idli dip sambar

DIVYA: Your lazy day meal?
CHARULATHA:  Dal chawal

Thank you so much for your time Charulatha.
Click the link to go to CHARUS CUISINE 
This is it from this weeks interview. So lets meet next week with another food blogger and their story.

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