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                                                 She jumped right from writing the computer code to food coding and cracking. She likes her food to be natural and authentic .   She is a master in her own way. She loves to cook, make accessories, do crochet and she has this wonderful garden from which  she gets the fresh ingredients for cooking. Lets not waste much time and check out her interview.

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Divya: Tells us about yourself?

Sujitha: Happy house wife with two kids, 5 year old boy and 3 month old girl. My son who is fussy in eating, always asks for different taste, pushed myself to try new recipes also I want to record those recipes for future use. I started blogging in Nov' 12 as a play way, but the love and inspiration of many food blogs boosted myself to write more and more. I'm not a professional person however now my E-baby has successfully completed its four years.


Divya: What is the one thing that made you so much interested in cooking and blogging?
Sujitha: Learning and sharing , I inherit most of my family recipes from my mom and mom-in-laws recipes, also I learnt recipes through browsing, tv shows and magazines. " Cooking is not a big rocket science to do" just a fusion of taste, my interest towards cooking has pushed myself to learn the art first and my interest towards blogging started from sharing.

Divya: What are ups and downs of food or any kind of blogging?
Sujitha: Food blogging is quite challenging to handle with fail proof recipes, must satisfy readers with good content of information but in a more simple way, finally it completely depends upon own interest towards sharing. These are my interests and focus areas.  
Time constraint is my down point now- I could do more if I can manage my time better.

Divya: If you were to give another title and caption to your blog what would that be?
Sujitha: If I named another other title it would be "Nanjil Flavors ". My native is Nagercoil so I may choose " Nanjil flavors".

Divya: If you can time travel to anytime of your life( regarding food). What time would it be and why?
Sujitha: My childhood days which I spent with my  grandma, while vacation she used to wake me with cup of milk, then the lazy day starts with kal dosa and hand grounded diluted coconut chutney, she used to cook in  "Viragu Aduppu". The smoke smell on the dosa and the tadka in chutney are the unique flavors which I love. I love my grandma's cooking and her company.


Divya: What is the first thing you made that got applause? And most disastrous recipe?
Sujitha: For mutton chukka , always its a awe from my kitchen. And my most disastrous was Rajma curry.

Divya: When not blogging how do you enjoy your time?
Sujitha: Well almost i'm occupied with work and running behind kids, I love being myself to attached with my family.

Divya: Finally how is your blog different from others?
Sujitha: I always prefer recipes with family members taste and options . Recipes I share in my page are tested more than three four times. I satisfy readers with fail proof recipes from my page. I don't use or encourage artificial colors, essence, sauces . Most of the recipes are covered with homemade touch of flavors and 80% of the ingredients I choose will be homey and handy.


Fresh produce from her garden:


D: Best food you ever had?

S: Potato wedges @ Barbecue Nation

D: Your lazy day meal?

S: Bread omelette , curd rice

D: 3 Ingredients without which you cannot cook?

S: Salt, sugar , pepper

D: If you were to become a kitchen appliance what would you be?

S: Mixer Grinder

D: What is your favorite spice?

S: Pepper


Priya from Priya's menu : " She is an excellent blogger and also a kind hearted person who helped me in blogging techniques. I am a big fan of her non -veg recipes esp Biryanis...Drool Worthy!!"

Usha from Maha's lovely home: " She is patient enough to explain all the doubts about blogging.

Her blog is loaded with tons of new recipes. She posts step by step recipes which is helpful.  I like the neatness of her blog"

Thank you Usha and Priya. 

So see you next week with another blogger's story till then Happy Cooking.

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