Thursday, November 3, 2016


                                                Nutella banana sandwich aahh my son's  favorite sandwich.He can eat it for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Forgot to add me . Its just a pretense for me to eat a yummy high calorie sandwich. Nutella tastes exactly like chocolate with some nutty tinch. I always have a big tub of nutella in my house all the time.
                                             Basically it is my happy sandwich, sad time sandwich, lazy sandwich, in short all time sandwich. The rich texture of nutella goes well with banana. I forgot to complement cinnamon. It takes the sandwich to a next level. If you want to impress a little one simply make it. I got this recipe from Bobby flay sandwich recipes. Forgot to mention I like his recipes and his shows.
And here is the procedure for it. Simply note down the ingredients and copy the procedure. And don't forget to reply back.

Banana                      1
Nutella spread           3 tbsp                
Bread  slices             4
Cinnamon powder    2 tsp
Sugar                        1 tsp
Butter                       2 tbsp  

1) Trim the edges of bread. (my kid likes it this way)
2) Chop the banana into rounds.
3) Heat a pan and then add the butter .

 Once it melts , place the bread slices on the pan. Now add the cinnamon powder and sugar on top of it.
4) Flip to the other side so that the cinnamon and sugar adheres together.

5) Take the toasted bread aside. Then spread nutella on it. Or else leave the bread on the pan and then spread the nutella and leave until nutella starts to melt down.

Arrange chopped banana on top of it.
Place another bread slice on it and serve with strawberries.

Enjoy your warm sandwich .

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