Sunday, November 13, 2016


  TADA😁 !! So finally I was able to start the budding bloggers interview section in my blog.  So, let us start our new segment this week with SWATHY NANDINI from SHRAVS KITCHEN.                            

D : "What was your life before blogging?"
S : "Before blogging I was a Professor in Engineering college and then a busy mother of a super active baby Shravanthi and would run behind her all the time. As she grows up, I am able to find more  "me time"  and look for many healthy baby recipes and pen it down in a notebook. Then I wanted to keep track of all those tried recipes so it would help me the next time, that culminated to start a blog."

D : "Tell our readers about your blog?" 
S  :"The blog initially consists of only baby and kids recipes but now it has everyday quick breakfasts, lunch and dinner menus, south Indian menus, traditional recipes , festival recipes , healthy drinks and snacks , egg less healthy baking goodies and homemade essentials. Also I have included collections where you can get many related recipes for specific events like Diwali, Gokulashtami and mango recipes."

D: "Who are your favorite bloggers? Why do you like their blogs?"
S:"My favorite bloggers are Rajeshwari Anand of Raks Kitchen and Aarthi Sathesh of Yummytummyaarthi.  In fact, they are my inspirations to start a blog. I like the way thery do blogging and the way of presenting recipes with anecdotes."

D:"When and what was the first thing that you cooked? Experiences?"
S:"My first day experience in kitchen is unforgettable, where I am left all alone to experiment after my marriage. I started surfing, taking notes and finally prepared my first lunch for my husband Bharath. I have prepared Rice, bitter gourd gravy and carrot poriyal, payasam and kesari. All tuned out to be big hit and that gave me extra confidence and interest in trying new recipes . My journey of cooking started then."

D: "Silly😉, but Imagine if you were a baby. And your mommy made all the baby recipes from your blog. What will be your 2 most favorite foods to eat?"
S:"I like this questions as it is very true. The difference is I don't need my mom and prepare the recipes for me by myself whenever I do it for my baby. My most favorite recipes are strawberry smoothie and carrot dates pancake because they are absolutely delicious and healthy too."

D:"If the world is going to end tomorrow. What would be your menu today? (just imagine) "
S:"I am basically sweet toothed person and sweet is my weakness. So if the world is going to end, I would enjoy all sorts of possible recipes that I could make and that will definitely include the following: hot chocolate, sakkarai pongal, milk kheer, gulab jamun, chocolate cupcakes and basundi. "
So would you like to join me ? "
D:"Sure Swathy i will definitely join if u make some biryani. "


D:"What is your favorite cuisine?"
S:"My favorite cuisine is Indian cuisine and to be specific south Indian where one can enjoy spicy masala flavors."

D:"Who is your favorite chef?"
S:"My favorite chef is Sanjeev Kapoor. I love to watch his shows and love his never fail recipes."

D:"If you can have only 1 meal for the rest of your life. What would that be?"
S:"That would be definitely be a south Indian meal which consists of sambar, rasam, poriyal, curd and sweets."

D:"What is the one food that should always be there in your fridge?"
S:"I always have curd in my fridge. I love eating curd in all the forms like lassi, curd rice or a smoothie."

D:"If you were to change into a kitchen gadget. What would that be?"
S:"I would like to change into a measuring cup as you don't have much work to do and enjoy hanging in wall most of the time."

As many of my blogger friends are asking me questions I thought to incorporate what others want to ask me....Hope you enjoy .

(from Swathy to Divya)

S:"What are the new things that you have learnt from blogging Divya ?"

D:"Blogging gave me immense happiness , positivism, brighter outlook, confidence and it sparked the creative plug . Approach towards food has changed a lot. Instead of thinking how tasty the food is , I think how beautiful the food looks. Most important of all I met some of the wonderful, creative and Pollyanna through blogging. "

S:"With whom and where do you like to enjoy a cup of coffee in the world and why Divya?"

D:"It's been a long while I have seen my entire family . So definitely with all of them in any part of the world.  "

S:"What was the obstacle that you faced after starting a blog?"

D:"I have been blogging since 2014. One obstacle which every blogger faces is the continuity in writing and publishing the posts. I think this is the key factor which separates top bloggers from other bloggers." 

So, this is Swathy Nandini from Shravs Kitchen. Do, catch up the remaining blogger stories next week. With another newbie.

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