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                       Her blog ignites the imaginations and tickles the palates of many food lovers.  Her blog spreads a complete thali of meal from tasty vegetarian food to spicy non vegetarian foods, beverages quench your thirst, her authentic and traditional dishes reminds us of our childhood times . In a whole she gives us a good reason to  think  why we should not look at her blog. She is USHA from MY SPICY KITCHEN. 

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What is food for you?

If someone asked me this when I was a child, when I was in middle school or even in high school, the answer would have been, food is to live.  I was not a foodie when growing up.  I ate because I had to eat and I would sit for at least an hour to finish the food in my plate.  That changed over the years and now I pretty much eat everything except sushi and some exotic food.  I am still a slow eater, I don’t take an hour to finish my food but enjoy and relish whatever I eat.  

What gave you the idea that you could blog? And your blog story?
Though I was not a foodie growing up, I was always interested in cooking even as a childhood.  I did not get to cook much before marriage but after marriage, I would try out lot of new recipes, especially desserts and most of the recipes came out good.  I never documented the recipes thinking I had a very good memory power and unfortunately that was not the case.  Few months later when I wanted to make the same food, I was back to square one searching for recipes online.  That's when the idea of documenting the recipes came to mind.  I wanted to create a website or some kind of database to save my recipes.  I never took it seriously until 2008.  I was in India for almost 6 months and after I got back, I was bored and joined some groups on social media.  Some of the group members were bloggers and that inspired me to start my own blog.  It started as a hobby and now it has become part of life.

You have been blogging consistently since a while .Was there a time when you were very low. What factors drive you towards blogging and making it consistent?
Sometimes I do go through phases when I do not want to cook or click anything for the blog.  One such phase is this month, October.  I did not cook or touch my camera for almost 20 days until couple of days ago.  I have been blogging every month since February of this year and in April and September, I blogged every day of the month taking a break on Sundays.  I just wanted a break and I have not updated the blog in last 3 weeks.  The motivation to blog comes from my blogging group.  I am part of a blogging group and we blog every month with a theme.  Every month we blog 3 times a week, at least two weeks in a month and every year in April and September, we blog 26 days a month taking a break on Sundays.  My blogging group is the motivation and the driving factor for consistent blogging.  If not for my blogging group, I might not have been this consistent in blogging.    
If you were a kitchen appliance . What would you be and why?
Hmm, a cooking range is a must in every kitchen and besides that I would say a grinder/mixie.  I would be a grinder/mixie.  An Indian kitchen is incomplete without this appliance.  We use so many pastes and/or spice powder, may that be the basic ginger garlic paste or a masala paste with onion, tomatoes or whatever other ingredient that might go into a given recipe, a grinder/mixie is a must in any modern Indian kitchen.       

If you were given an opportunity to work with one of the world's top chef. Who would that be and what do  you like to learn from them?
Being a food blogger I am embarrassed to say that I don’t have a favorite chef.  I use to watch lot of cooking shows until few years ago and suddenly for no reason I stopped watching.  May be blogging took precedence over watching cooking shows :p  I will be happy to work with any top chef and would like to learn from them, the recipe to become a world’s top chef :)

What are your food nostalgia's? Do you make any of them now?
I miss eating street food, specially chaats in India and my favorite being pani poori.   Now when I go to India for visits, I am afraid to eat street food due to hygiene.  No, I don’t make them at home but sometimes I do make other chaats once in awhile. Since there are no takers at home, I don’t feel like making it just for myself.   

What is one blogger super power you like to have?
I would like to be more creativity and have photographer’s creativity.  Photographer’s creativity might not fall under blogger’s superpower but nowadays, food photography has become an integral part of food blogging.  Our readers visually taste the food and wish I am more creative in capturing the food I virtually present to my readers.  I do agree it is the recipes that brings back the readers but pictures speak thousand words and it is the picture that tempts the reader to try a recipe in the first place.

How is your blog different from others?
This is a tough one.  There are so many blogs out there and is difficult to stand out from rest of the blogs.  I try to keep my recipes simple and easy even for a novice cook to try.

Quick Q's
2 foods which can be found in your fridge?
Indian pickles and yogurt

What is your favorite Spice?
Chili powder :)

Apart from blogging what do you do?
Watch lot of TV.

All time favorite food?

Favorite color in food that attracts your eyes?
Red in curry red

So, this is Usha from MY SPICY KITCHEN. Hope you enjoyed . See you next week another interesting blogger interview.

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