Thursday, March 30, 2017


                                                       Winter is a season which we want to get through very quickly especially in mid-west. Thank God!! It is almost spring for us. Well official spring to say so😏. But dear winter never wants to leaves us alone in our part of the world . Runny noses and nasal congestions , my house is loaded with cough and cold drops. I will never miss foggy spring mornings now as my house is always foggy/ steamy with steam from humidifier thanks to the beautiful weather . It's been cruel this week as it hit 75 degrees yesterday and today it is 30 degrees nature has its own way of playing. I was looking for some home remedies to increase the body heat. One of my friend's mom suggested me this gond ke ladoo. As a typical south indian,  I was wondering what gond was ! When I started to browse about gond I was amazed by its health benefits. One of it was to increase the body heat in winter (cold weather). It is used to treat heat stroke, constipation and very good treat for women post pregnancy. So, marked it down in my do to list for the day. 

                                                    I rushed to the store to find for gond. Brought back a pack named edible gum. Was wondering do we really eat these . Package matched, name matched  browsed again to make sure was it the same one which I really wanted. It looked like little rock crystals . My confusion increased when my husband asked me "Are you sure people eat these?" So, there goes package into the pantry. After couple of weeks while I was exploring for new recipes Mr. "Gond ke Ladoo" popped. It is called destiny for sure 😉.These ladoos have to be made in my kitchen. Hmm, so after watching couple of videos I have decided to experiment on them . I made the recipe as described with little additions to what my aunt suggested. To my surprise the ladoos were finished in just a jiffy. My hubby was amazed , he thought them to be rava ladoo initially .  So, do try this yummy recipe and keep your family away from so called official spring yet winter .  Note down the ingredients and jump into your aprons.

Gond / Edible gum            1 cup
Wheat flour                         1 1/4 cups
Poppy seeds                        2 tbsp
Grated coconut                    1/4 cup
Raisins                                 10
Cashew nuts                         10-15
Sugar                                    2 cups
Cardamom powder              1 tsp
Ghee                                    11/4 cup

1) Melt 1 cup ghee in a pan. Once it melts then add the gond little at a time (1/4 cup at a time) .

Gond/edible gum increases in volume so make sure to leave enough room for each batch.
Once gond increases then take them aside onto a kitchen towel.
Crush the gond and set aside.

2) Add wheat flour to the remaining ghee in the pan. Fry till the raw smell of the flour leaves it (3-4 minutes). Don't let it burn. Take it aside.

3) Add little ghee in a pan.  Once it melts then add cashew nuts and raisins.Once raisins increase in volume and cashewnuts turn golden brown take them aside.
4) Add little ghee and roast coconut until golden brown.
In the same pan, add little poppy seeds and roast for 1 minute .

5) In a pan, add sugar and water. Melt sugar until one string consistency.( When you take syrup in between your thumb and index finger there will be one string forming in between the fingers).
Turn off the flame .

6) Add crushed edible gum/gond , poppy seeds, wheat flour, dry fruits and roasted coconut in a bowl. Add sugar syrup little by little .

Take a little amount in your palm and press them tightly into ladoos.

Enjoy a ladoo with warm glass of milk to fight the cold.

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