Tuesday, September 5, 2017


                                       It is the end of the hot summer season. Kids are back to school and it's time I realized it's been 2 months I wrote a single post. This summer break just swept away with wonderful memories, beautiful smiles, joyful plays , endless happiness and the list goes on.  I learnt  a couple of things this break time from my kids. " Never give up, every day is a new day, try new things , laugh all the time, be who you are, be happy with tiny things around you." Wow, what a list of things .  Life is too short, we never know what comes as surprise. So, let us be like kids. Worry less enjoy more. 
                                       Was wondering what I did this summer ? Hmm had vacations, played with kids, cooked along with them, organized playdates, sleepovers . We made tons of cupcakes, cakes , ice creams and pancakes. Among those recipes is one such recipe- Kulfi. Kulfi is Indian ice cream. I remember eating kulfi as kid. These street side vendors used to bring kulfi in pots wrapped with red cloth.Kulfi  tasted super yum . After couple of years later I was more inclined towards ice creams . Recently at a party one of my friend brought these kulfis . I was so much in love with these that I took the recipe from her. Now these kulfi's are a part of my meal everyday. So, here is the recipe to make everyone happy. 

Condensed milk                                   14 oz can (397 gms)
Evaporated milk                                   12 oz can(354 ml)
Whole cream milk                                1 pint ( 473 ml)
Cardamom/ elachi                                3 pods
Saffron                                                  1 pinch                                          
Cashew nuts                                         10
Almonds                                               15
Pistachios                                             20


1) Take the evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. I used the sticks which I bought from craft store . We can also use the kulfi moulds or popsicle sticks also. 

Crush the cardamom/elachi into fine powder. 

2) Take almonds, cashewnuts and pistachios in a dry blender.  Grind them into  powder avoiding lumps . Grind for 30 seconds and stop mix well. Repeat until nuts are finely powdered.

3) Measure the circumference of the glass. Take an aluminium foil. Cut aluminium foil  into squares/circles  making sure it covers the top of the glass and set aside.

4) Take a deep bowl. Add condensed milk, evaporated milk and full cream to it.
Mix everything well to avoid lumps.

5) Now add the crushed nuts  and cardamom/elachi powder to the mixture. Mix well again making sure not to leave the edges. Scrap the sides of the bowl well. 

6) Now pour the mixture into the kulfi moulds/ popsicle moulds or disposable glasses . Fill it till 3/4. If using kulfi moulds/ popsicle moulds simply place the lid and place in fridge. If using disposable glasses like I did then wrap the aluminium foil pieces on the glasses making sure to seal the glass from all the sides. 

7) Place them in deep freezer for 30 minutes so that the kulfi sets a bit . Take them out of the freezer. Now place the small cut in the middle of the aluminium foil with knife and place the craft sticks deep into the glass .  Place them back into the freezer.

8) It takes 6 hours to set completely . I usually let them sit in freezer overnight.  

Once they are set remove the aluminium foil. Place the glass between the palms and rub so that the kulfi separates from the glass. Separate from the mould/ glass and enjoy the kulfi. 

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