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                          There are very few bloggers who swept millions of hearts within a short period of time. And Nagalakshmi Viswanathan's Edible Garden is one of them.  Edible garden touches many different palates as the author Nags  was Telugu by origin , born in Tamil Nadu ,raised in Kerala and finally works in Singapore. Nags is a woman of multi-tasking . Manages a full time job with Twitter, runs a  successful blog and also reviews restaurants . Her blog is a repository of info cracking the tricks and hacks of food photography. Her  fool proof recipes and style of writing makes her to stand up in the top race . She uniquely portrays her readers love to her in the form of LOVE LETTERS.
Today's interview is all about Nags blog, how she balances things in life and  her dreams. In the brainy-food section lets check out her tricky way of surviving on an island. I hope you enjoy her journey 

Let's  have a little chat with her and capture few moments.

DIVS:  How did the title "EDIBLE GARDEN" pop?

NAGS: When I started the blog, I  had named it " For The Cook in Me", almost a direct answer to why I wanted to blog about food. Later, I felt I needed a catchier name. While researching on balcony herb gardening, I came across the phrase " EDIBLE GARDEN" and fell in love with it.  

DIVS: How do you balance work, blog and family equation? 

NAGS: I only blog when I am feeling inspired or feel like doing it. There were phases in my 9 year journey when I felt I was sticking to a strict schedule but that din't work for too long. This is a passion-driven hobby for me and I need to feel motivated to click photos, edit them, write the recipe, edit , and post. It may seem simple but creating one food post in a blog takes a lot of time and effort. When I feel the urge to do it, I give in.

DIVS: What element in a recipe makes you try it?

NAGS: The key ingredient and how the final output looks like. The amount of time and effort needed is another key factor. For eg: "chewy chocolate chip cookies in 30 mmins" will grab my attention because I love chocolate, enjoy cookies, and the idea of only spending 30 minutes on them is appealing. 

DIVS: What is the one blogger super power you would like to have?
NAGS:The ability to focus. It's very hard to do when you blog because you get distracted by other blogs, others' posting schedule, images, negative comments, random stalkers posting nonsensical comments, advice from well-meaning friends and family, the list goes on. I often remind myself why I blog, what it means to me, and then keep going. It's incredibly hard to focus though, and I wish it came more naturally to me.

DIVS: What was the one food your mom hid in a box which you stole and ate?

NAGS:Usually something chocolate-related. I was always a chocolate-lover and it was especially bad as a kid. I'd polish off boxes of butterscotch chocolate in a couple of days so she'd keep them on a high ledge and only give me 1-2 pieces after a meal. 

DIVS: If you were to go on a date with your husband to any restaurant in the world where would that be?

NAGS:We have been wanting to try Gaggan in Bangkok, a fine-dining award-winning restaurant run by Gaggan Anand. The restaurant was placed 10th and 23rd overall in the world in The World's 50 Best Restaurants in 2015 and 2016, respectively, and remained the only Indian restaurant to ever place in the top 50. Maybe later this year because Bangkok is not that far from Singapore. 


DIVS:  If you are lost on an Island with only potatoes . What would you make?
NAGS:That's an interesting question. I love potatoes in pretty much any form but assuming I can get some heat going, I'd wrap the potatoes in some sturdy leaves from around the island (hopefully not poisonous!) and steam it. Add a few drops of sea water for saltiness and it's ready. Simple and practical while you wait for that rescue boat. 

DIVS: Finally how is your website different from others?

NAGS:In today's world of food blogging, there are lots of websites that look and feel similar. The one thing I can truly say is different about mine is the way I write. I have received numerous (good) comments about this and I hope to continue blogging in what I hope will evolve into a signature style.
Thank you for the opportunity to do this interview!

So this is NAGS from EDIBLE GARDEN. Check out her blog for different traditional as well as fusion dishes. 

Click the link below to reach out to her blog.

Keep guessing for next week's guest . 

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