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                                              Success is no accident. It is hard work, preservence, learning , sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. When I first read this quote by Pele. I thought it is tailored for Aarthi Satheesh of "YUMMYTUMMY" . After working in the field of research she finally found her niche in cooking and blogging. There is something beautiful about her skilled hands which compels 3 million people to have a look at her blog every month . So, let us have a little chat with Aarthi to know the secrets of her tenacious  and talented journey in this week's "In Conversation With Divya"

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Hi Aarthi it is so nice to have a conversation with tell me you have been cooking since a very young age . What interested you into cooking and blogging?

I started cooking from my school days itself. But I took it serious when I was working in my first ever job. My colleagues and friends started asking recipes.And some of them told me to create a blog and save the recipes there. Hence yummy tummy was born.


 What was blogging like in 2011 when you first started ?
It was no big deal. I had no idea about the views and other SEO stuffs. I just keep posting recipes and eventually it started getting very popular.


You are a very successful blogger . So, what are the key factors for it?
I would say hard work, dedication and passion.

You post almost everyday. So, How many hours do you work everyday on your blog with a little one ?
I post two recipes a day.So, I work at least 5 to 7 hours per day.


What do you suggest the new bloggers ?
For all those people who ask me this question. The answer which I give them is, Don’t start blog money minded. If you have the true passion, start it and keep working on it. Finally you will get the fruit of hard work.


What will be your blog like in next 5 years?
I am sure my blog would have a whooping recipes of over 7000 or 8000. 

What are your 5 bucket list of foods to eat ?

Authentic Thai, Chinese, Mexican, French and Goan.

Do you have any plans on writing a cook book. If so, what would that be about?
I have nearly 3000 recipes. Yes I have plans to write my own cookbook. My first cookbook would be really about my take on south Indian cooking.


Quick q's:

One food you can eat everyday?

Bread omelette - All time favourite

 3 ingredients we can find in your fridge all the time?
Cheese, Bread, Hot Sauce

First food that you made?
I think it is a chocolate biscuit bar


If the world were to end tomorrow what would be your meal today?
Without doubt it would be a piece of decadent pecan pie.My favorite, too good. 

Your dream food destination(hotel or any place) ? 
I have a dream of visiting Paris and explore its gastronomy side.

Thank you so much Aarthi. So, that is a crisp chat from Aarthi Satheesh. 

So, this the last interview of this year. Will show with another blogger next year. Wish you all a very Happy New year 😊. May this new year bring a lot of success and happiness into your lives.

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