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Her photography is  visually astounding making food the hero . Her recipes are lust worthy. Her ubiquitous presence is felt everywhere in the blogging world.  So, get ready to smell the flavors from the land of spices . She is REKHA VENGALIL of FOODOLIOUS PICTURED in this weeks  " IN CONVERSATION WITH DIVYA".

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  Hi Rekha it is so nice to have a conversation with you ...... So tell me  What was that one point  which made you start the blog?
 The idea that you can store your recipes and refer to it as and when you need was the point I decided to create the blog. And makes it even better if I can share those. After all, sharing is caring!

What is the one thing in a new recipe that makes you try it?
The very fact that something “new” about the dish itself!


 Your photography is so beautiful  Rekha , so how do you work on it? What factors do you consider?
 Thank you! I like to keep it simple, highlighting on the dish rather than crowding the frame with too many props. I try to choose the background colors subtle, and mostly work with natural light.

What are the 5 bucket list of things regarding blog?
Not much on the list but I do wish to spend more time on the blog and post new recipes often.


 If you were to stuck at any age? What will that be? What do you love to do again?
That will be now. The 30s are wonderful – became a mom, and grow with your child and family. This is the age I feel like I have learned a few and have a lot to learn.

 If you were given a chance to work with one of your favorite chef. What would you learn?
  I will try and learn from Nigella Lawson from where she bring that wonderful charm and charisma.

 Finally Rekha what do you suggest to people who want to start blogging? Or who have just started blogging?
Be true to yourself and more importantly, be true to the dish. Don’t do posts for the sake of it. If it strikes a chord with yourself, it will surely work for the readers out there.


 One strangest thing you ever ate?
Nothing yet! Unlike my husband, I am still not there yet when it comes to tasting the unkwown.


Which is the one food which we can find in your fridge all the time?
Chocolates & pickles

One food you can eat forever?
Curd Rice

One childhood food you wish you can eat today?
There are many and I still do even now. To name one, that will be my dad’s Mutton curry!

One favorite thing to do apart from blogging?

Thank you so much for your time Rekha. Hope you all had enjoyed a little chat with her.

So, let's chat with another blogger next week. Till then 
HAPPY HOLIDAYS.  Merry Christmas...

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