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                                   Her blog is fueled with plenty of  meals and recipes that will have you drooling.  Her photos are organic. Her blog is alive with the scents, tastes and textures of the different geographies ranging from  far east to west and not letting the  traditional flavors of India slip . She is SANDHYA RAMAKRISHNAN of My Cooking Journey.

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What is food for you?
Food is mother’s love for me. I remember how fondly a mother cooks for her child every time I am cooking or eating. My mother was a great cook and she was able to transfer her love for food to me and I hope I can do the same with my cooking and love for food.

What gave you the idea that you could blog? 

Blogging started out as a very simple way of keeping all my recipes in one place. My mother was an encyclopedia of recipes and I was constantly asking her traditional recipes to try. Initially everything went into my notebook (it is a green hard cover note book) and then I slowly started to type them out to keep a copy. My husband, who is a great admirer of my cooking, came up with the idea of blogging and that is how I first started. I just had a couple of recipes for the first year or so as nothing made sense to me (think microbiologist to computer). Eventually I learned my way through and here I am. I still have my best recipes in the green hard cover note book plus have added many more now.


You have been blogging consistently since a while .Was there a time when you were very low. What factors drive you towards blogging and making it consistent?
There have been many times when I just don’t feel like cooking, taking pictures or writing. I have to say, those are times when my buddies from Blogging Marathon give me a big push and get me right into the mood. I have never been without blogging except during my trips to India. I make sure that I sign up for the monthly blogging marathon and I have a very good reason right there to blog. Also, there are times when my boys innocently ask me why I am not taking pictures of what I cooked and that makes me go right away to set up.


If you were a kitchen appliance. What would you be and why? 
A kitchen aid mixer. Just love how rhythmic and consistent it is and absolutely love the end product that the machine yields. 

If you were given an opportunity to work with one of the world's top chef. Who would that be and what do you like to learn from them?
Meenakshi Ammal. I would want to learn the very traditional South Indian bakshanam (sweets and snacks).

What are your food nostalgia's? Do you make any of them now?
Thaen mittai is the first thing that came to my mind when I read this question and luckily I was able to make it at home. It is not as perfect as what I grew up eating from potti kadai (street stalls), but it is close to it. 

What is one blogger super power you like to have?
To be able to cook, photograph and write every day. 


How is your blog different from others? 
My blog has my mother’s recipe treasure in it that no one else has. So it is very special to me as to this day, my blog is a place where I see my mother. Apart from that, every recipe in the blog has step by step pictorials, which I think is quite different from many others. 

Quick Q's
1)2 foods which can be found in your fridge?
Yogurt and yeast

2) What is your favorite Spice?
Asafetida, I just cannot imagine cooking my rasam without it.

3) Apart from blogging what do you do?
I am a Microbiologist by profession and now a full time food blogger. I am also into many crafts like knitting, crocheting and jewelry making. I read a lot and love watching movies as well.

4)  All time favorite food?
Akkaravadisal (kalkandu Bhaath) 

5) Favorite color in food that attracts your eyes?

So, this is Sandhya from My Cooking Journey. Hope you enjoyed the interview.  See you next week with another interesting interview, until then have a great time.

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