Tuesday, February 7, 2017


                                                   I know most of you all wonder it is not time for some milkshakes as it is not summer . But the weather was miraculous today as it touched 51 degree F for us something in the mid of january 😃unbelievable. I was not expecting this at this time of the year. So, there goes my winter gear to the corner of the wardrobe for today. I wore my fleece and went for a long walk with my little one ( Rishvik). Coming out of the home and listening to the beautiful sounds of nature is so soul soothing . Rishvik enjoyed the walk as he was able to see many puppies , birds and mostly little kids playing out . He was wishing each and everyone in his baby language. Most of my neighbours enjoy his talk as most of it is brrrr and filled with his cute smiles. He learned to say "hi" so it is the most heard music in my home these days. 
                              The walk was so tiring that my body demanded something cool and flavorful to calm down . As, I have a big bag of apples lying in my fridge.  I thought of making this apple cinnamon milkshake . Cinnamon powder is my fairy dust it can make anything flavorful and yummy. So, I thought of throwing a little cinnamon powder along with the milkshakes, juices, bread toasts ,breads what not leave it to your imagination. So, here is an easy recipe for it. Note it down and wait for your perfect day to have it.

Apple                                         1
Cinnamon powder                     1/2 tsp
Sugar                                          2 tsp
chilled Milk                               1 cup
Ice cubes                                    2
1) Remove the apple peel , remove seeds and then chop them into pieces.
2) Take a blender and then add the apple pieces, sugar , cinnamon powder , ice cubes and little milk . Blend them into smooth texture.

3) Then add the remaining milk and blend until it is frothy.
4) Transfer it into a glass .Top with ice cubes , apple pieces , and cinnamon powder .Serve chill .