Thursday, April 6, 2017


                                                 My pantry is filled with bread as most of the time my little one loves eating sandwiches. But his version of sandwich is different . Snehith loves eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich or nutella and banana sandwich . I rarely go with sandwiches. I use bread for instant uttapam or dosa. I will post these recipes soon. My husband found a new place for sandwiches in my place  "Which Wich Sandwich" . Sounds fun right. We love having sandwiches from there as they have  numerous choices for sandwiches. I love the bean and pesto sandwich. My elder one likes the grilled cheese pizza sandwich and my little one loves their stickers.  By the time we are done eating the sandwich he is done sticky the stickers everywhere on us. I love having my little one around as he is so cheerful and packed with energy.

                                                     Only version of sandwich which we like is the veggie sandwich. As it is loaded with veggies and has an Indian twist to it. Fresh cucumber and tomato gives a refreshing taste and feel to the sandwich. I add tamarind chutney along with green chutney . We can use ketchup instead of tamarind chutney or can totally avoid chutneys. This veggie sandwich is my camping sandwich. This sandwich is comfortable and convenient for camping. Instead of potato slices I make a batch of mashed potato and use it when camping. I will cover camping cooking soon . We can add or subtract any of the vegetables.  Try other sandwich recipes Nutella banana sandwich, veggie pin wheel sandwich, simple cheese sandwich, So, note down simple ingredients and make your yummy sandwich. 

Bread slices                                4      
Tamarind chutney                      2 tbsp
Green chutney                           2 tbsp
Boiled potato                            1(big)          
Cucumber                                 1/2 no.    
Cheese slice                               2
Onion                                         1 (small)
Tomato                                      1 (small)
Butter                                        1 tbsp
Pepper powder                          1 tsp(adjust)

1) Trim the edges of the bread slices.
2) Boil potatoes. Peel the skin and chop them into rounds.
Chop tomatoes, onion  and cucumber.
3) Take the bread slices and trim the edges of it. ( sandwich was for me so I was lazy to trim the edges)

4) Apply green chutney on one side of the bread slice.  And on the other bread slice apply tamarind/sweet chutney.
5) Arrange the onions, tomato, cucumber and potato slices on the bread. Place the cheese slice on other bread sprinkle some pepper powder .  Place the other bread slice on it.

 6) Heat a pan, apply butter to it . Once it melts, place the bread slices on the pan  . Toast until it turns golden  brown . Then flip to the other side. Toast until the cheese start to melts.(2-3 minutes on medium flame)
Cut the sandwich into two pieces diagonally.
Yummy breakfast sandwich  is ready to accompany with some steaming hot  coffee. I am enjoying mine hope you do too.

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