Sunday, January 29, 2017


                                                Pasta is known to be staple food of Italians. But these days pasta is everybody's element. It is found in pantries 😋around the world.   We eat pasta almost every week. Snehith and my hubby Mohan prefer thin spaghetti / pasta. So, we prefer having Angel hair pasta as it is really thin and represents our Indian noodles.  I love 😍 pasta with some marinara sauce/ spicy tomato and basil sauce. At times I make pasta in Indian way which I am going to post soon which is real quick. 
                             This weekend I wanted to make something simple and quick with pasta. I was browsing through the pasta recipes and finally ended up with this avocado pasta recipe from here. I had everything ready in hand. As Avocado is very creamy and rich I was wondering 😑how the pasta tastes along with it . But, to my surprise it was creamy and the raw tomatoes, green onions add a wonderful texture to it. On top of it we can make it in a jiffy. Boil pasta on one hand and in the meantime chop tomatoes, green onions and mash avocado. So, write down the ingredients and start cooking.

Angel hair pasta                           1/2 pack (1/2 lb or 225 gms)
Avocado                                       1 medium
Salt                                               as needed
Black pepper powder                   2 tsp
Garlic pod                                     1
Lemon juice                                 1/4 no.
Tomato                                         1
Spring onion                                1

1)Boil water in a pot along with little salt. Now cook angel hair pasta according to the instructions on the box.
Strain the water and set aside . Save 1/4 cup pasta water aside.
Chop tomatoes, spring onion .

2) Cut the avocado and scoop it. Mash the avocado into smooth texture.

3) Add salt, black pepper  and lemon juice to it.
Grate a garlic pod on to it. Mix well.

4) Add the saved pasta water to the avocado mixture. Mix well.

5) Now add the boiled pasta to the avocado mixture. Toss well until the pasta is coated well with the creamy avocado mixture.

6) Add the chopped tomatoes and spring onions to it. So, sit back and enjoy your creamy and fresh avocado pasta .

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