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Hi Swati, thanks for joining me in this conversation .So, tell me about your Life before blogging. So,who was Swati back then?
Life before blogging was entirely different. I started my blog after moving to United states . Before that ,I was in India and was working as a maths teacher in High school. When we moved to states, I used to feel bored and lonely at home. This boredom led me to spend more time on the internet and I started watching recipes on youtube. I always loved to cook , but youtube helped me a lot to try and learn new recipes.

I then started my own facebook group and added all friends in that group so that we can share and learn new recipes through that group. As my group grew , My interest in cooking started to turn into a passion, and then I finally decided to start my own food blog in March 2015. Blogging has given me a chance to learn so much every day. From a simple home cook to a recipe developer ,food photographer, and writer I have changed in so many ways.
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What is your blog about?
My blog is about cooking the healthy food in a delicious way. I want more and more people to understand that eating healthy doesn't mean they have to compromise with the taste. We all can make healthy food , delicious if we use the right ingredient in the right amount in cooking. Also, sometimes I like to include some nature photographs in posts as I love to do nature photography. Here are few clicks from my camera. ( Check attached files)
 How do you incorporate health in your food?
This is a very interesting question. Well in my opinion , whatever is cooked at home with pure and fresh ingredients is healthy. I always try to include healthy food items such as fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy, whole grains, and proteins in my recipes and I generally avoid to eat out. I love to cook every day for my family because I want them to be healthy.Here is my blog link
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If you were to go on a date with your husband to any restaurant in the world. Where would that be and what would you order?
If I were to go on a date with my husband, I would love to go to this one restaurant we went on our first anniversary. It is called Parikrama and it is in New Delhi and it serves excellent food. I would love to go there and order my favorite Chinese food there.
Can you share some of your best food experiences till date?
I love Chinese and Thai Cuisine and last year we had the best food experience . We went to Virginia for vacation and there we had the best food in one of the restaurants in downtown , It is  called BIG BOWL. I loved the " Stir fry Bar " at the restaurant where we could customize our own bowl. Everything else they serve was just excellent and it was best Thai food I have ever had.
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If the world is going to end tomorrow. What would you love to eat?
If the world is going to end tomorrow, I would love to book the first flight back home in India and devour the ultra delicious food cooked by my mother because according to me, she cooks the world's best food.

What is your Lazy day meal?
My Lazy Day meal is a simple pesto pasta salad with broccoli and carrots.
What is that one food that cheers you up?
Chinese Chili Chicken and noodles
One quick and healthy meal?
Egg White Frittata loaded with lots of chopped vegetables along with multi-grain bread and a cup of green tea.
What is the one food that you always order at a restaurant?
Soup. I am a huge fan of soups and whenever I go to any restaurants whether it is Chinese, Thai, Indian , Italian or American , Soup is something I always order.
2 things on your bucket list?
a) I want to be a travel around the world and taste the different kind of food served at various restaurants.
b) I want to give my 100% to my blog and share my food experiences with the world through it.

All the Best Swathi . So, let me wind up for now.
Meet you next week another Budding Blogger.
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