Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Rice                                  1 cup
Lemon                              1
Green chilies                    3-4 (slit lengthwise)
Salt                                  as needed

Turmeric powder             1 tsp

Mustard seeds                  1 tsp
Urad dal                           1 tsp
Chana dal                         1 tsp
Curry leaves                     1 sprig
Oil                                     1 tbsp

1) Cook rice and set aside. (i used left over rice)
Squeeze lemon juice.
2) Heat oil in a pan. Then add the mustard seeds, once they splutter add the urad dal and chana dal.
Once they turn golden brown, add green chilies and curry leaves.

3) Now add the cooked rice, salt , turmeric powder and lemon juice.

Mix well and turn off the flame.

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