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                                   She is one of the top Indian food blogger .  I admire her passion , love and fascination for everything she does in her kitchen. She gives tips , tricks and lists on how to establish kitchen which is a great help for newbies . In this modern world where the traditions are slipping away , she  tries to keep them alive by incorporating them in her blog. Let's have an inside scoop of her cooking, clicking , blogging and sharing with Chitra from CHITRA'S FOOD BOOK.

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DIVYA: When did your blogging journey started Chitra?
CHITRA:  I started my blog in 2009 to keep a record of my family recipes and to help beginners in cooking.
 In 2013, I took my own website in the name of Chitra's Food Book.

DIVYA:  If you were to give another title to your blog. What would that be?
CHITRA:  If I were given a chance to change my blog's name, I would change it to Ratatouille - Anyone can cook which was my blog's title in earlier days. I changed the title to Chitra's food book in 2013 when I took my own domain.
   As I wanted to have my website in my identity, I kept this name. Otherwise Ratatouille -Anyone can cook is my close to heart title as it was suggested by my husband Sendhil :)


DIVYA:  How did the love for cooking develop for you? 
CHITRA:  Inspired by my MOM and my MIL, I started cooking. And now it has become my passion, hobby and everything in my life.

DIVYA: If you can banish one food from the Earth. What would that be?
CHITRA: Nothing..I love all the food I eat :)

DIVYA: If you were to plan a vacation to poles( north/south). What are the 4 ingredients you would carry and what would be your meal with them?
CHITRA: I would love to taste the vegetarian food I get in Poles.If not, I would carry Rice, Dal, spices and fruits.
Cooked Rice, dal with some curry is my all time comfort food.

DIVYA: If you were to write a cookbook. What cuisines/recipes you would like to write about and why?
 CHITRA: I would like to write about our traditional,forgotten, South Indian vegetarian recipes.
It will help to keep the tradition alive and preserve our inherited Mother's recipes which otherwise might be lost.

DIVYA   :You have been blogging since a while.  So what are your suggestions to the people who like to start a blog?
CHITRA:  Be passionate in your work. Quality contents, originality and persistencey is more important in blogging.


DIVYA:  Finally how is your blog different from others? Why should people refer to it?

CHITRA:  I have focused and shared the contents mainly for beginners and newbies of Kitchen after trying them on my own.
I try to share the most simple and easy recipes.In my blog, One could get all the ideas starting from setting up a kitchen, buying groceries and cooking up delicacies from all the cuisines with step by step pictures in my blog.So Anyone can cook food easily and deliciously.



 Most popular dish from your blog?

  •  My chutney recipes are very popular among my readers :)

What was the one food your mom hid in a box. Which you stole and ate?

  •  Cashew nuts :)

 How do you enjoy your time when not blogging?

  •  Shopping ;)

What was your biggest failure ever in kitchen?

  •   Rasgolla.. I have made nearly 10 attempts :(

 What is your lazy day meal?

  •  Upma varieties :P

Finally few words from CHITRA  to ME. 

"iam feeling glad to share my interview with you. Questions are smart n interesting . You are doing a great job in bringing out personal interest and information about various food bloggers."

Thank u for your words Chitra . It means a lot to me. (  look who is blushing :) )

So this is Chitra's Story about her blog and life . 
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See you next week with another blogger's story. Until then happy cooking.

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