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                    Her fingers speak more than her words.You can very rarely see her on social media. But,  She creates ripples with her work in the world of baking. If you are a vegetarian and looking for egg less baking ? Then  her book ,blog and video channel will be a treasure. She is the author of Delicious Egg free Cakes , Baker, Fashion designer and of course a blogger. Lets have a chat with Gayathri Kumar from Gayathri's Cook Spot.

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Divya: How did your passion for baking start?
Gayathri: It started when I was young. My mom and dad used to bake our birthday cakes and decorate them with the tools they had and it was surely fun to take part in that. Then when I finished college, we bought a small oven and me and Dad would bake breads and cakes in that. That is when I wanted to explore the field of baking. But it took nearly five years after that to start baking again. 

Divya: How did blogging change your life?
Gayathri: I started my blog as a diversion from some personal problems and a way of saving mom's recipes. But then I started baking and my life took on a new path. I started learning the basics of cake decoration and started practicing them. And when I got readers asking for recipes and doubts in baking, I thought I would make it my full time work. My blog became a dedicated blog for egg less baking and soon I published my first eBook. And now I do YouTube videos and have a small fan base, which I never ever dreamed of before 6 years when I started with the blog. 


Divya: You have posted a number of recipes . So what element in a recipe  makes you try it?
Gayathri: I love complicated techniques in cooking. But I don't go for buying any instruments and tools just for that. It must be something I can make at home. So when I see some interesting technique without the use of expensive tools, I try it immediately. I also have a great love for breads. So any recipe with yeast, I am ready to give it a try. 

Divya: If you were given an opportunity to work with one of the world's top chef?Who would that be and what will your learn from them?
Gayathri: I love making pastries and cakes. So the one chef, I would love to train under is Adriano Zumbo. I would learn different techniques involved in baking and creating awesome pastries and desserts. 

Divya: What are your food nostalgia's? Do you make any of them now?
Gayathri: I used to love milk sweets and my dad used to but them for me. We both used to enjoy them and when I started the blog, I started to try out all my child hood favourite sweets. I think I have covered most of them and It surely is an wonderful experience to make them at home. And the chats my mom made were so tasty, now I make them for my daughter. The flavour of green chutney takes me back to childhood even now and I am reminded of the pani puri mom made.
Divya: What is one blogger super power you like to have?
Gayathri: We need to multi task when it comes to blogging. Right from the planning of the recipe, to making it, taking step wise photos or videos, editing them, writing a post, recording the playback of videos, and once published, spreading in the social media, and looking at the site designing, trouble shooting the problems that arises from time to time, answering all readers queries, some times, I feel that it is too much for me to make everything perfect. I would really love to have the super power of multitasking with ease that I finish two posts a day and maintain my blog easily without any problem.

Divya: If you were to endorse a food product/brand. what would that be and why?
Gayathri: I think I will omit it as I don't do this.

Divya: Finally how is your blog different from others?
Gayathri: Each and every blog is different. Usually a blog represents the blogger in every possible way. From the designing of the blog to the selection of recipe, to the writing style it depicts the blogger's talent. I am happy to say that my blog depicts me as a good cook, baker and cake decorator. I have heard many of my readers say that for egg less bakes, they always trust my recipes. I am so happy for that.


D: What was the first thing you baked?
G:I baked some Indian style cookies with my friend which was an utter flop.

D: What do you do when not blogging?
G:I watch YouTube videos and read some stuff related to improving my blog.

D: What is your all time favorite food?
G: A plate of hot bisibele bath topped with crispy kara boondhi.

D: What is your lazy day meal?
G: Rice, curd and pickle.

D: Best food you ever had apart from home food?
G: Kulcha I had at a road side shop in Maharashtra. I never found anything that tasty. 

So, this is Gayathri from Gayathri's Cook Spot. Do, check her book which is available in Amazon.  See you next week with some other interesting chat with another blogger

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