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                                     She is an Entrepreneur, Blogger,Baker and also a Marathon lover. Above all she is a super mom and a woman of substance.  Her bake sales and baking classes are a big hit.  Her cakes add extra cheer, love , affection , joy and radiance in people's lives.  She inspires us to be physically fit . She is Nimmy Raghu the founder of "Nim's Choco Fantasy".  Let's us gather all her journey , Mix some of her energy into our lives  and Bake it into a nice conversation .

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How did your blog start?
My passion for cooking started when I had to try out different dishes for my elder daughter who was a picky eater. My younger daughter was 1 year old at that time. Searching through net, I tried out many recipes and some came out good and some didn't. I had to write down the tried out recipes somewhere, so that I can use it later. It was my husband who introduced me to blogging. That's how I started blogging in the year 2011. I found it interesting as I could save all my tried  out recipes at one place, which would be useful for many others like me who are passionate about cooking and moreover , it can be accessed anywhere in the world.


You are an Entrepreneur, blogger and you are also a Marathon lover.What do you love among them and why?
All these three have different roles in my life. Blogging helps me to share my recipes and knowledge with the whole world. I started off with this, so its very dear to me.
   My passion for baking , has lead me to start my own venture "Nim's Choco Fantasy". This platform has given me an opportunity to put in my creativity into cakes. Every cake is a new learning for me and the happiness and excitement that gives at the end of the day is amazing.
Spending most of the time for family and business, I couldn't find enough time for myself. My husband being an avid marathoner, inspired me to take out sometime for myself and do some health activity. That's how i started running. I am not a marathoner, but have done many 10k's and couple of 15k's till now. I am a part of Hyderabad Runners, a group that help each other in running. 

You were a food blogger first , so what had driven you to baking?
Cooking and Baking is all food related. In my blog you can find not only cooking recipes, but also baking recipes too. Baking is actually a method of cooking food with dry heat, normally in an oven. It involve lot of science.  Each ingredient plays its own role when it comes to baking. We should know what each one of them does while baking. Then it will be easy for you to bake any of these yummy goodies. Its a completely different joy and happiness, when i see the cake, cupcakes and muffins rising in the oven. The smell that fills my house when I bake a bread or cake is just mesmerizing. Its really a stress buster for me. Its my passion. Being a creative person, I am very happy that I can put in my creativity on my cakes.

You have been into baking since a while so if someone needs to start the same . What are your suggestions?
To start any new venture, first of all you need to have a passion for it. If baking is your passion, first try out lot of recipes, be sure that you can give your best . Be confident in yourself and go ahead, rest everything will follow.


If you were to plan a big event. What would your meal plan be?
For a big event, I would plan an appetizer( both veg and non veg), a soup (veg and non veg), roties, side dishes ( veg and non veg), veg biryani, Mutton biryani, raita( 2 varieties), desserts-Hot fudgy brownie with chocolate sauce and ice cream, Tiramisus, fruits.

Who are your biggest baking inspirations?
My biggest inspiration in baking is Nigella Lawson, Laura Vitale, Rachel Allen, Yolanda and many more. As I am a self taught person,I learned many things through internet , from these amazing people. So, they are my inspiration and my teacher. I still learn from them.


What is the one food your mom hid in a box . Which you stole and ate?
My mom is an excellent cook. I love all the dishes she make . I can't name one food that I used to steal which she hid...In fact there were many.

What is your most favorite dish to make? 
I love to enjoy hot and cold in a single dish. My favorite dish is - Hot yummy Chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Yummy!!


Finally why should people look at your blog and baking?
My blog consists of all tried and tested recipes made using simple ingredients that are easily available. Also I have given substitutes for many of them, if all its not available. I have tried to incorporate healthy ingredients in y baked goodies. You can find some unique designs, which I created on my cakes on customer request. 


What is the first thing you made that got applause?
Banana cake

What is your lazy day meal?
 Rice, curd and a pickle.

What is the one food you can eat everyday?
There are many food that i like to eat everyday....sabudana khichdi, Puttu, appam.

What is your most proudest moment?
When I see people enjoying the food that i make and when they appreciate you for your effort.

If I were to order a cake from you. What would you suggest?
My signature Banana Cake :)

This is Nimmy from Nim's choco fantasy.. ...Hope you enjoyed her story.
Next week we are going to meet another blogger. Until then be happy, be merry.

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