Thursday, May 1, 2014



Eggs                         4
Shrimps                    1/4 kg
Onions                     1(large)
Green chilies             3

Chilly powder           1
Coriander leaves       1/4 cup
Tomatoes                  2
Oil                             2 tsp
Salt                            as required
Ginger- garlic paste     1 tsp

1)Boil the eggs and make slits to the vertically.
Now apply some salt, chilly powder and fry the eggs.
2)Now clean the shrimps and devein them. Now add some turmeric and salt to the shrimps and wash them (doing this cleans the shrimps well).Now in a tawa  put this cleaned shrimps and let the water come out from them and throw this water which comes out from the shrimps. Now keep them aside.
3)Now in a pan , add some oil and when hot add the onion , green chilies. When the onion turns transparent add some ginger-garlic paste and when the raw smell leaves add the chopped tomatoes.
4)Now add some salt to the tomato mixture and when the oil separates from the tomatoes add the shrimps , eggs and add 1/2-1 glass of water.Now let it get cooked by closing the lid.
5)When oil starts to float on the curry add some coriander leaves and  the curry is ready.

                      SERVE WITH RICE OR CHAPATHI

                                     BON APPETITE