Thursday, May 1, 2014


Maida                                 1/2 cup
Rice flour                             1 cup
Semolina                              1 cup
Ginger grated                       1 tsp            
Cumin seeds                         1 tsp
Coriander leaves                   2 tsp
Salt                                      as required
Water/Buttermilk                  5 cups(approx)
Oil                                       as needed

1)Combine all the ingredients except oil and let it sit for 20 minute.

2)Mix well again after 20 minutes add some water as semolina/Rava absorbs water.
The batter should be runny.
3)Heat a tawa on high flame, check the heat by sprinkling some water on the tawa.
4)Pour the dosa batter on the tawa in circular way filling in between.
Now drizzle some oil on the edges of the dosa.

Turn the dosa to the other side once the dosa edges leave the sides.
Cook for 30 seconds and serve

                          SERVE WITH CHUTNEY OR SAMBAR