Friday, April 25, 2014


Oats(dry roasted)                   2 cups
Lemon                                  1
Turmeric                               1/4 tsp
Water                                    1 1/4 cups
Salt                                       as needed

For tempering::
Mustard seeds                       1/2 tsp
Chanadal                               1 tsp
Urad dal                                1 tsp
Red chilies                            2 nos.
Asefotide                             1 pinch
Ground nuts                         less than 1/4 cup
Curry leaves                         1 sprig
Oil                                        11/2 tsp

1)Dry roast the oats for 3-4 minutes to avoid the stickiness.  
2)Heat oil in a pan.  Add the mustard seeds let them splutter then add the chanadal , urad dal and ground nuts. Fry until they turn golden brown . 
3)Add the red chilies, curry leaves,turmeric and asefotide.
4)Now add water and salt.
5)Once the water start to boil add the oats.
Let it cook in medium-low for 3minutes covered.
6)Turnoff the heat and once it gets a little bit cool then add the lemon juice.
Let it rest for 5 minutes then serve.

Tip: I used quaker oats but if u are using other change the water consistancy.
Never add lemon juice to hot oats that may turn bitter.